Assessment & Analytics for Schools and Academies

How does your web presence and potential measure up?

Evaluating your online performance EAS controls details. The story is a question of details and chain process. Embedding analytics into all data-driven services we can determine whether you are ready and organized to effectively reaching your goals. Analyzing Course Design, Web Contents and uncovering trends in your web activity over time EAS can understand what are problems in your marketing initiatives.

The way is to start by defining your marketing goals evalutaing your course in tandem with those offered by your competitors. To know if your website is successful EAS help you to define what “success” means for your school. Here is an example of a worksheet we use when beginning an Analytics discussion with our clients. For each type of audience visiting your website, we want to find a balance between your goals and those of your visitors. This leads to deeper conversations about website goals, translating your objectives into high level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we would set up for your Analytics.

Here are some examples of typical users’ objectives?


  • Brochure
  • Application Form
  • Visiting School
  • Mentoring
  • Successful Alumni


  • Lookup Grades
  • Find Advisor
  • Declare a Major
  • Request Transcript


  • Football Tickets
  • Find Local Chapter
  • Find Classmates
  • Request Transcripts

Measuring the Impact of your Initiatives
Configuring analytics tracking to collect specified KPI data allows us to measure how well you are achieving your goals. We usually set up a number of profiles to track all aspects of your online presence (multiple domains, sub domains, microsites), applying various filters and a tracking code to retrieve the most relevant insights. Once we’ve set the analytics up with the right parameters, we put it to work for you !

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