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Lead nurturing is a way to cultivate and build relationships with leads in order to encourage conversions

Lead nurturing is a way to cultivate and build relationships with leads in order to encourage conversions. Far too often, a business might be generating a substantial number of leads, but then it fails to follow through with them. Those leads just languish. Instead of being converted into sales and customers, the leads are left as missed opportunities.

Create and implement a strong lead nurturing campaign to build … before we had email tracking and marketing automation, lead nurturing was a manual process. … You set a goal to bring in 20 new students each month. Lead nurturing should be a planned process. A well-thought-out lead nurturing program can help convert those otherwise languishing leads into sales.

Main steps to implement an effective Emailing Nurturing are, to summarize:

  • Get clear on your sales cycle timeline.
  • Determine specific goals for your lead nurture campaigns.
  • Set up a lead nurturing database, email list, and CRM system.
  • Define your audience and segment based on personas.
  • Choose some content of value to offer your prospects.
  • Email this content to your prospects, following your timeline.
  • Measure and track results.
  • Re-evaluate and adjust based on those results
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