International Recruitment

Are you ready for the world?

If you are ready for the world you undestrood the global education revolution. Now the international student mobility has increased exponentially in recent years, representing a valuable source of new enrollment potential and expanded campus diversity. Reaching these prospective students outside your domestic market requires a strategic digital marketing plan, including website development and lead generation techniques that are specifically targeted at your desired source markets. We are uniquely qualified to help you track, analyze and grow the online traffic to your school from anywhere in the world!

As internet accessibility throughout the world improves, there are emerging opportunities to reach prospective international students independently through digital methods. Successfully implementing effective and efficient recruitment strategies requires a nuanced understanding of each market’s unique characteristics, including:

  • Language preferences
  • Cultural variations in student enrolment path
  • Search engine popularity by country
  • Social media & mobile differences

Regardless of which markets you are targeting, Higher Education Marketing can increase your international student recruitment through multilingual digital marketing initiatives, including:

  • Dedicated landing pages & microsites
  • Targeted blogs & other content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO & Paid Search
  • Email & Lead nurturing
  • International Analytics

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