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The accreditation of schools and programs in the field of higher education at the university level serves to ensure quality and continuous improvement. Achieving quality recognition is beneficial for training institutions: certification has a positive effect as it improves image with customers. Also, at a school accredit yourself – with various formulas, to discover! – serves to enter international circuits and increase the number of registered students, Italians and foreigners together. EAS helps schools to be recognized by international third party organizations (or national MIUR) that guarantee the quality of the programs offered. EAS restructures the programs and conducts the evaluation pre-audits ensuring the result. The fees are paid as a result achieved! We did it successfully for dozens of schools, which increased the attractiveness of their courses and multiplied the number of students enrolled. The turnover can triple in three years!

accreditamento scuole firenze

Student recruitment

We help schools recruit national and international students. EAS has decades of experience and results are assured. You only pay for the results, ie the recruited students, with minimal fixed costs for activating the service. Therefore, for the schools, the recruitment of students does not require preliminary investments. Recruitment activities can be enhanced with communication, marketing, social media management, event organization

reclutamento studenti

Courses and Programs Management

To guarantee the quality of teaching and student satisfaction, an international course is perfectly managed in all its aspects. EAS can help you implement your student management system to optimize feedback and revenue. We are experts in consulting, implementation, start-up and management of various multi-functional school software that are used by thousands of educational institutions all over the world to synchronize administrative activities, program management, courses, teachers, students, exams … We have tested and selected easy, efficient and inexpensive information systems that are used by over 20 million users worldwide. EAS can be your partner for the development and profitability of your educational business. Ask us and we will convince you.
An example of a large school management platform.

gestione corsi

Development of Educational Partnerships and Networking

In the spirit of the EHEA – European Higher Education Area – EAS works to improve student mobility by creating networks of qualified international schools. EAS prepares and develops the cooperation between a school and other universities all over the world, to create a collaborative network useful for the students and the school itself to confront and grow. Cooperation can be on several fronts: joint research, inter-faculty exchanges of teachers, bilateral exchanges between students, training abroad for groups, reception of foreign university groups. Studying together, studying abroad, is the future of intelligent education!

partnership educative

Pay for Results Model

When a school decides to invest to improve its interest, the results are not the activity. EAS Pay for Results Model allows our clients to work with us with services that finance variable costs based on the results obtained. The fee structure provides for low fixed costs combined with variable costs defined together according to the results achieved with our collaboration. The advantage is mutual: all the effort goes on the results, with the following benefits:
Low initial investment costs & gt; & gt; A business focused on a “result” marketing strategy that pays once the results have been achieved.
Reduced risks & gt; & gt; If the results for some reason do not arrive, there are no expenses, while the advice is focused and relaunched.
But be careful! This cost / performance model requires a high degree of collaboration between the two organizations – the school / university and the consultants / EAS.
Our willingness to take risks depends on the level of collaboration we can achieve, on the trust we place in each other. This is why we need to meet to evaluate the possibility of forming an effective partnership for both parties. If you want information, write to us, we’ll meet!