Pay for Results Model

When a school decides to invest to improve its interest, the results are not the activity. EAS Pay for Results Model allows our clients to work with us with services that finance variable costs based on the results obtained. The fee structure provides for low fixed costs combined with variable costs defined together according to the results achieved with our collaboration. The advantage is mutual: all the effort goes on the results, with the following benefits:
Low initial investment costs & gt; & gt; A business focused on a “result” marketing strategy that pays once the results have been achieved.
Reduced risks & gt; & gt; If the results for some reason do not arrive, there are no expenses, while the advice is focused and relaunched.
But be careful! This cost / performance model requires a high degree of collaboration between the two organizations – the school / university and the consultants / EAS.
Our willingness to take risks depends on the level of collaboration we can achieve, on the trust we place in each other. This is why we need to meet to evaluate the possibility of forming an effective partnership for both parties. If you want information, write to us, we’ll meet!

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